Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash90

A poll conducted by Prof. Camille Fuchs and published tonight (Tuesday) by Channel 13 News examined the question of whether Opposition Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu acted correctly in opposing the extension of the Citizenship Law.

48% of the respondents answered that in their opinion Netanyahu acted incorrectly when he prevented the passage of the law while 33% thought he was doing the right thing. 18% responded that they do not know.

When asked about satisfaction with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's performance, 41% answered that they are very satisfied and another 10% answered that they are someone satisfied. 24% who are not so satisfied with Bennett and 25% claimed that their satisfaction with the Prime Minister is low.

The survey also raised the question 'Do you think the Bennett government is capable of leading the country well?' 49% responded that in their opinion this is a government that will have difficulty continuing to lead compared to 39% who thought that the government could continue to lead the country.