Jewish headstones cemetery
Jewish headstones cemeteryiStock

A vulgar anti-Semitic message, likely covered in feces, was affixed to the gates of the Jewish cemetery in the Polish town of Bielsko-Biała less than two weeks after 67 headstones there were vandalized.

According to Polish news site, local police are searching for the perpetrators.

Roman Szybiak, spokesperson for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Bielsko-Biała, confirmed that detectives are examining the note and an investigation is ongoing.

The note said, “Information to all Jews. Just start s***ting your own beds and kick out your dead so that you have nothing to visit or miss, and what’s underneath is just a sample of what you have under your yarmulkes,” according to a translation from Polish to English provided by Combat Antisemitism Movement.

Bielsko-Biała’s Jewish community issued a Facebook statement regarding the incident.

"We hope that, like last week, the perpetrator will be caught quickly," they wrote referring to the June 26 incident in which 67 headstones at the cemetery were toppled, with several destroyed.

The Bielsko-Biala cemetery was founded in 1849 and is still in use. It’s considered a historical site and included in the town’s registry of monuments.

Last week, Police detained three boys, two age 12 and one age 13, suspected of the vandalism of the 67 graves, reported

After being questioned, the 12-year olds were sent home with their parents while the 13-year old was transferred to a holding cell for children.

According to investigators, the motives of the children was one of hooliganism. They are to appear in Bielsko-Biała family court.