Prime Minister Bennett
Prime Minister BennettHezki Baruch

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced at the beginning of the Yamina faction meeting Monday that the government would bring the Citizenship Law for a vote in the Knesset later today despite the bill's defeat in the Arrangements Committee.

"There are some matters that we don't play games with. The state needs to control who enters it. W will bring the law for a vote," Bennett said.

He turned to opposition figures who intend to vote against the law and told them that "state security is a red line."

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked noted that "as of this moment there is no majority but I hope that by the time of the vote this majority will be achieved. There has never been a Zionist who opposed this law."

"The reason the Citizenship Law was enacted in the first place is security. Most of the attacks that came from among Israeli Arabs were by those who came from family reunification or their descendants. I turn to the opposition leaders. You must find responsibility for the security of Israeli citizens," Shaked added.