Yoni Netanyahu
Yoni NetanyahuFlash 90

Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu memorialized his brother, Yoni Netanyahu, on Sunday, marking 45 years since his brother’s death during Operation Entebbe.

In social media posts to Facebook and Twitter, the Likud chief said his life was irrevocably changed by Yoni’s death, but also noted the importance of the daring IDF operation which freed 102 hostages held by terrorists at Entebbe Airport, Uganda in 1976.

“On this day, 45 years ago, my brother, Yoni – Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu – was killed during the operation to free hostages in Entebbe, Uganda,” Netanyahu wrote.

“The rescue operation became a symbol around the world of the daring and determined fight against terrorism, and made an international reputation for the IDF and the State of Israel.”

“For my parents, my brother Ido, and for myself, this was an unfathomable loss which changed our lives forever. Over the years, Yoni’s legacy has become a source of inspiration for many, thanks in part to the collection of his writings.”