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Rep. Ilhan Omar needs to answer for the Boston stabbing

Words matter. Words have consequences. Except for some.

Every couple of weeks or so, Rep. Ilhan Omar goes off with some remark hateful to the Jewish people. First, the nasty comment…which is heard around the world, by the way.

Yes, anti-Semitism travels with the baggage of centuries.

Next, comes the “clarification,” which clarifies nothing, and only makes it worse…. for Jews everywhere.

Earlier, we wrote it here, like this: “So, we the people at the forefront of science, medicine, commerce, literature, music, radio, television, warfare (Hyman Rickover, the father of the nuclear submarine), the creators of Hollywood and Broadway…these people now find themselves in a different and less tolerant America all because some twerp from Somalia says “’boo.’”

So it was when Omar sat with CNN’s Jake Tapper to “clarify” her latest smug, self-satisfied stink-bomb.

Now what’s her beef? Her Jewish colleagues in the House “haven’t been partners in justice.”

This means nothing, of course, especially coming from an ingrate who has equated the United States and Israel with the Taliban and Hamas…and then talks “justice.”

But it meant something, perhaps, to a man who stabbed a rabbi in Boston during the same news cycle.

The rabbi is recovering and the alleged assailant has been caught.

But that is not the point. One…will Omar be taken to account for her words that create or contribute to a climate of bigotry and intolerance?

We’ll be waiting.

The larger question is whether the country is still safe after the influx arriving from particular Muslim countries.

Again, from the earlier column --

“But a new generation is upon us; people who know nothing or care nothing about our Judeo/Christian values, and they keep coming, and are beginning to get elected.”

In other words, it can be said that Omar and her AOC crew give diversity a bad name.

Also that we knew sororities like this in high school, Mean Girls who could emasculate an entire cafeteria…and now…now an entire country.

We cannot say with certainty that from DC to Boston one thing led to another, but we can quote King Solomon, saying, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

Imagine, then, the power of that tongue when it lashes out against Jews from within the government, yes, the House of Representatives.

That gives it the stamp of frightful authority.

Yet Omar feels comfortable enough to do it again and again, with that smirk, because there is no one to stop her.

Nancy Pelosi is “satisfied” with this week’s Omar “clarification” as she was with last week’s clarification, and so it will be next week.

Omar and her squad sisters know exactly what they are doing. In the works is their plan to make American Jews feel unsafe and unwanted.

That would be Plan A.

We hate to think what they have in mind for Plan B…though what happened in Boston could be a sample.

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