fire in forest (illustration)
fire in forest (illustration)ISTOCK

Attorney Meir Rubin was travelling with his family in the Aminadav forest in the Jerusalem area when they were accosted by a group of Arabs who attempted to burn them alive.

Rubin recounted the incident in an interview with Galai Tzahal (IDF Radio). "I saw walls of fire, and I recognized that it was fuel. I called the fire brigade and the police, and I ran with the children to get out of the reserve, I belted them in the car - and two vehicles blocked me on both sides."

"I rushed with the vehicle at the edge to escape. The police stopped us all at the exit - they asked me if I pulled out my weapon and checked that I did not fire or load. One of the terrorists threatened me right in front of the policemen, the policeman finally understood and told me to get out there as fast as possible."

“If the terrorists called the police, they did it while they were chasing me down the road and trying to lynch me. Cops, you saw a civilian with two children running away in a panic - what did you think was happening there? It's unbelievable - it's a lynching facilitated by a police officer."

The Israel Police's response: "In stark contrast to the allegation, police forces were called to the scene by the young men. Upon arrival at the scene, an investigation was conducted with the parties involved and they were informed of the possibility of filing a complaint. An investigation has been opened,"

The Jerusalem District Fire and Rescue services said: ''Three different calls were received reporting attempted arson at the scene. Firefighters who rushed to the scene extinguished the fire, but they were re-ignited each time."