Randi Zuckerberg
Randi Zuckerbergצילום:PR

Randi Zuckerberg has accomplished quite a bit in her life.

In her 39 years, she has graduated from Harvard, published three books, covered the 2008 US presidential as a journalist, been a full-time panelist on American television shows, appeared on Broadway in a play she produced, sang "Jerusalem of Gold" for Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres at the Davos Summit, hosted radio programs, and founded Zuckerberg Media – a social media firm.

All this, of course, before even mentioning the "family business."

For the first decade of Facebook's existence, Zuckerberg served as the spokesperson for the company, which was founded by her brother, Mark.

Zuckerberg isn't trying to escape from her family name and will always be identified with Facebook.

From those early days in 2004, during which she helped disseminate video clips and live broadcasts to buttress the site's content, and flew around the world to meet with small teams of young employees who asked for her advice on "designing the logo," up to today – when Facebook's estimated worth is an unfathomable $528 billion and nearly three billion people have joined the site.

It's almost funny to consider – but joining Facebook in its start-up phase meant Randi Zuckerberg had to make some sacrifices.

She had to leave her well-paying job at advertising firm Ogilvy and Mather, relocate to Silicon Valley and suffice with stock options instead of a high salary.

But the rest, as they say, is history, and over the years Zuckerberg became a prominent figure in her own right in the tech world. Today, she meets with leaders and business people across the globe to help raise investment funds for social media companies. "Every company needs content," she says.

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