Eliad Eliyahu, 38, lives in Akko and serves as the representative of the Jewish Federations of Atlanta and St. Louis in Israel. For three years he lived in Omaha, Nebraska, as a Jewish Agency senior emissary.

Eliad has been singing for as long as he can remember. With the experience he gained as a lead singer in the IDF Northern Command band, he released his first original album, "Shirat Hashel" and after three years his second album, "Zohar Harakia".

At the time, Eliad was one of the pioneers of original Jewish music in Israel as a composer and performer, and his songs were widely played on religious radio stations in Israel.

For Eliad, music was never just a hobby. "As an emissary in the United States, I used music to connect people to Israel," he says.

While visiting the Jewish community in Atlanta, Georgia, Eliad met Micah Lapidus, the Director of Jewish and Hebrew Studies at The Davis Academy, a Jewish independent school in Atlanta. Eliad says, “I learned about Micah’s rich musical past and heard songs from the CDs he released in the United States. I shared with Micah about my musical background, he heard my songs ... and the rest is history."

The two immediately connected over one specific song. According to Eliad, "When I listened to the song 'Shabbat Hamalkah' I immediately fell in love with it, the special and relaxing landscape described in the song together with Micah’s melody, entered straight to my heart.” Thus an international musical collaboration was born with the goal of bringing “Shabbat Hamalkah” to life.

When asked about the meaning of Shabbat Hamalkah and Shabbat more generally, Lapidus shared, "Six days we focus on doing, one day we focus on being. Six days we try to change the world, one day we embrace the world as it is. We breath, we love, we connect. Shabbat is a gift that unites the Jewish people. Shabbat is a gift that unites the world. This song is a song of Shabbat. Created by musical brothers from across the ocean and with musical production by Grammy-nominated engineers and producers, this song breathes new life into timeless words written by the great poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik. Let this song into your heart as you welcome the angels of peace and rest into your home for Shabbat.”

On a similar note, Eliad reveals that during the Shlichut in Jewish communities, the "most sensitive" time for the Shaliach (emissary) is Shabbat, especially on the first Shabbat. "This is a time when you miss your family and friends, and miss 'your Shabbat.' I have learned in all my travels that the spiritual power of the Sabbath, and especially the minutes before the Sabbath, exists throughout the world, and it unites us as Jews no matter where we are from, what our age or origin is. This poem connects Akko to Atlanta, Eastern Europe (Bialik) and Safed (mentions of the poetry of our Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz)."

Words: Chaim Nachman Bialik | Music: Micah Lapidus | Musical production: Will Robertson | Vocal production: Noam Zlatin | Vocal Coach: Dudi Mor