Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu today (Thursday) addressed Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and called for an expanded vaccination drive against the coronavirus.

In his letter to Minister Horowitz, Netanyahu wrote: "By working together with the Ministry of Health, we have succeeded in getting Israel out of the corona plague - the first in the world. We did this thanks to the millions of vaccines we brought first, thanks to the excellent work of the health authorities and thanks to the great response of the citizens of Israel to receiving the vaccines."

''As is known, within 9 months from the date of the second vaccine supply we are supposed to receive the third vaccine supply. From conversations I had with some of the best experts in the world, I believe that the third vaccine should be given to the adult population (50 and over) in early August in order to complete the task by the end of September, and if possible before the start of the school year.

According to Netanyahu, no one knows the exact point in time when the expected drop in antibodies in the blood will expose the vaccinated population to the recurrence of the disease. ''The price of advancing the next vaccination date will be nil, while the price of a month-long delay can be fatal and cost many lives."

''I'm aware of the consideration of waiting for more recent vaccines, but this wait has a higher price. It seems to me that the advance of one month of the third vaccine is the optimum point for the administration of this vaccine, whether the updated vaccines arrive by then or not.

Addressing the Israeli public, Netanyahu said: "We were the first in the world to get out of the corona plague because we were the first in the world to bring millions of vaccines against the corona plague and you responded in large numbers to get vaccinated. Now there is a certain increase in morbidity and this has one simple solution: go get vaccinated, the adults and of course the youth."