Meretz head Nitzan Horowitz
Meretz head Nitzan HorowitzAvshalom Sassoni/FLASH90

The Meretz party has finalized its decision to vote against the extension of the Citizenship Law, informing the coalition heads of its stance on Thursday.

“If the Citizenship Law reaches the Knesset, Meretz will vote against it,” the party’s statement reads. “This is a law that discriminates against a population on racial grounds, a law that was conceived in sin. In the past, Meretz has petitioned the Supreme Court against this law, and if it is brought for a vote, it will vote against.”

Meretz’s decision comes as no surprise, as the party has made several statements in the past indicating its opposition to the law’s content, which bars PA Arabs from obtaining Israeli citizenship in the event that they marry Israeli Arabs, unless a dispensation is given.

In recent days, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked has been attempting to hammer out a compromise that is palatable to the United Arab List (UAL), together with its head, MK Mansour Abbas, and also threatening that if such a compromise is not reached, the Knesset may end up approving permanent legislation favored by the Likud party that would be seen as far worse by the Arab coalition party.

The current law is due to expire next Tuesday, July 6th. Meanwhile, the UAL is demanding that a number of changes made to the legislation, prior to the expected vote next Monday.