Press conference in Evyatar this week
Press conference in Evyatar this weekAyelet Shlissel

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, has been assigned enhanced security protection, due to “level 6” threats on his life. Level 6 is the highest level of threat.

Police made their assessment according to threats received and other intelligence data available. A security detail will be posted around Dagan’s home and police vehicles will patrol the surrounding area.

Terrorist organizations and elements are reportedly seeking to harm Dagan due to his open support of the settlement of Evyatar; in recent weeks, Dagan moved his offices to the disputed site, which is due to be evacuated of its residents by the end of the week, although the buildings will remain standing.

On Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Minister Benny Gantz gave their final authorization to the compromise regarding Evyatar’s future. The town’s residents have agreed to leave Evyatar of their own accord, by four o’clock on Friday afternoon. Following their departure, the government will commence its appraisal of the land to resolve the question of whether it is privately held or if it belongs to the State.

The buildings, as mentioned, will not be dismantled, and the Samaria Regional Council will assume responsibility for emptying them of all their contents and locking them securely, to be completed by July 9th. The IDF is to immediately take residence in Evyatar and maintain a continuous presence there, throughout the period during which the land is being surveyed, in a manner to be determined by the military commander.

Once the appraisal is completed, all lands that are found to be beyond the State-owned boundaries will be fully evacuated. The demarcation order and order regarding the removal of new buildings will not be implemented prior to this time. While these processes are ongoing, a yeshiva with a dormitory will be established in the town, along with residential accommodation for staff and their families, subject to the completion of the required planning procedures.

Commenting on the compromise solution, Dagan said: “We’re not dancing with joy, as the situation is complex and difficult, but we have definitely made progress. I salute the 53 families who live here and who, after a long night of profound discussions, accepted what I believe is the right decision. The structures will remain in place, and an army base and a yeshiva will be built here. We believe, with a heavy heart, that this is the right thing do, not only for the building up of the Land of Israel, but also for the sake of unity in the nation, especially during these difficult times. Building the Land and unity in the Nation are two ideals that complement each other.”

Dagan concluded with an appeal to the new administration: “We call upon the government to build new communities throughout Judea and Samaria, and to return to the period of healthy values - the antithesis of the spirit of the Oslo Accords, of giving away parts of our homeland, which, among other things, led to the spilling of so much Jewish and Arab blood.”