Dov Hikind in Amon
Dov Hikind in Amonphoto: Eliran Baruch

In response to a Tuesday CNN interview in which Minnesota Democratic rep. Ilhan Omar doubled down on a controversial comment comparing Israel and the United States to the Taliban and Hamas, Jewish activist Dov Hikind took to social media to voice his outrage.

"Ilhan, the criticism you’re receiving is NOT about being a woman; NOT about being a Muslim; NOT about skin color. IT IS about the hate emanating from your mouth continuously!” he tweeted. “And the Dem leadership that’s enabled you to spew ignorant vitriol that fuels anti-Jewish violence!”

In an accompanying video, Hiking addressed Omar’s controversial interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Ilhan Omar has just doubled down again. She apologized for remarks that she made about Israel and the US, comparing them to the Taliban and to the terrorist organization Hamas. She clarified and Nancy Pelosi applauded her for clarifying but only in the last 24-hours, she reiterated on CNN that she meant exactly what she said, and in fact accused her Democratic colleagues saying they were not partners in justice,” Hikind said.

“Ilhan Omar, she is an anti-Semite. She is filled with hate. Isn’t that clear to all of us? Her history with American people being ‘hypnotized by the Jews.’ He remarks about the Benjamins and about dual loyalty. Her continuing statements and divisiveness, contributing to anti-Semitism, contributing to Jew hatred throughout this country.”

The former Democratic Brooklyn assemblyman asked, “When will the Democratic Party show leadership? When will Nancy Pelosi finally take action in the Congress to address Ilhan Omar? Where is the courage of the Democratic Party? Where are the Schumers of the United States Congress to do and say the right thing? When will there be one standard for hate? When will there be one standard for anti-Semitism?”

He added that Ilhan Omar should be removed from the committees she serves on to send a “powerful statement… that her divisiveness, her hate, her bigotry will not be tolerated.”