Harel Haim Madlai
Harel Haim MadlaiCourtesy of the family

6-year-old boy Harel Haim Madlai from Kfar Tapuach, who nearly drowned about a week ago in the public pool in Bat Yam, died on Wednesday after fighting for his life.

Madlai was rushed to Wolfson Hospital in critical condition after being pulled from the pool and undergoing prolonged resuscitation operations.

Harel's condition over the past week had been unstable and was in constant life-threatening danger. Doctors at Wolfson Hospital tried to stabilize his condition but without success.

His funeral will be held at 6:00 PM in the Pardes HaChaim Cemetery in Kfar Saba.

His mother, Shira Madlai, spoke to Arutz Sheva last week and said: "He went on a family outing with his friend and the friend's father. The next thing that happened was that I was informed that I needed to get to the emergency room quickly because my child had nearly drowned."

She asked for many prayers and called on parents to be vigilant. "We are at the beginning of the bathing season, do not tell me it will not happen, do not be complacent, do not take your eyes off the children for a second. Vigilance saves lives."