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The date: May of 2021, just one month ago. The rest of the students left the beit midrash for dinner break, but their friend Natan* stayed behind to finish the page he was engrossed in. This was typical of Natan. The young man took his learning very seriously, to the point where, despite his young age, he was highly regarded by many well-known rabbis. The other students respected him, and some even envied him - If only they knew.

Rewind nearly 20 years: A small group of family members weep over the graves of Mr. & Mrs. Cohen, a couple who passed away tragically young, leaving behind a parentless 2-year-old. The toddler cried but did not understand, as a child so young is not capable of understanding, that he would never see his mother or father again. That child was Natan.

Natan was passed from family to family but some would say he was raised in the beit midrash. Despite his tragic past, the boy turned to the Torah to raise him. And so he became an exceptional young man. It was not difficult to find Natan a suitable match for marriage. Keeping the engagement, however, was another story.

Being without parents, Natan has no financial means with which to make a wedding, or start a basic home. This has been a painful reminder of his loss, and as the wedding date quickly approaches, the couple still lack the essentials.

Rabbi Naftali Nussbaum took it upon himself to personally vouch for this exceptional young man, as well as his exceptional need. In addition to a written letter of recommendation there is also a powerful video message on a page set up to collect funds for the wedding.

Those who donate receive Rav Nussbaum’s whole-hearted bracha to marry off their own children.


*Name changed to protect the couple’s privacy