Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett today (Monday) had a conversation with the heads of local authorities in which he said that "it is a crime to not get vaccinated in this window" of time, Channel 12 News reported.

"To complete the second shot on July 30, you need the first shot to be by July 9," Bennett explained. "It will be possible to continue to be vaccinated even after July 9, but then we will only get one shot, which is infinitely less effective in relation to the Delta strain. Therefore, in simple Hebrew - it is simply a crime not to get vaccinated in this window."

"We want the local authorities to help lead the system of cutting off the contagion chains and to pass on to you what you need. You are much better at it and the goal is to do our best to maintain the health of the citizens of Israel.

The prime minister addressed the youth, most of whom had not yet gone to get vaccinated. "I ask you to go out today and get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The vaccine will also keep you healthy, and also prevent you from missing out on all the pleasures of the great freedom."

Bennett warned that some vaccines may expire soon: "There are enough vaccines right now for everyone. But there is a catch - their validity is about to expire soon and then we will no longer have enough vaccines available for everyone. That is, there is a short window of 11 days and we are racing against time The last date when it will be possible to get vaccinated with the first vaccine is July 9, and three weeks later you will will receive the second vaccine and then the vaccines we have in stock will expire."