The Israeli search and rescue team dispatched to Surfside, Florida to aid recovery efforts at the site of the building collapse arrived on the scene Sunday.

“We brought our best people here,” said the team’s commander, IDF Col. (Res.) Golan Vach. “Engineers, first responders, search and rescue.”

“I hope that we will succeed to help your people. It is an amazing operation they have here.”

Vach described the site of the collapse as “difficult” and “complicated”.

“It is a difficult site. It is a pancake [collapse], very tight. But we’ve seen it before, a thousand miles from here. Ten years ago, I found a man alive in Haiti in 2010. We saved him, he was 64.”

“There is always hope.”

"They have an amazing operation," Vach told Arutz Sheva. "But we have brought three main capabilities. One is engineers, one is population behavior officers, and the third are experts in search and rescue."

"We are very connected to the Jews [in Miami], but we aren't here because of the Jews. We came because people are here, because they lost their relatives, lost their loved ones."

When asked if survivors could still be found at the scene of the catastrophe, Vach replied: "There is a chance."

"We still have hope, but this site is very complicated."