Meron disaster
Meron disasterDavid Cohen/Flash90

Former Supreme Court President Miriam Naor has been selected to head the state commission of inquiry into the deadly Meron disaster.

The commission will also include Rabbi Mordechai Karelitz, former mayor of Bnei Brak and reserve general Shlomo Yanai, who previously served as commander of the IDF's Southern Command.

45 people were killed in a crush on a crowded and slippery stairwell in Meron on the Lag B'Omer holiday in April. Last week, the cabinet approved the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the tragedy.

"As we promised, we are approving the proposal of my colleagues - Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman - to establish a state commission of inquiry into the Mount Meron disaster," said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at his first cabinet meeting.

"45 people lost their lives in the terrible disaster and we have a responsibility to learn the lessons and prevent the next disaster. The committee will not be able to bring back to life those who were lost, but the government can do everything to prevent unnecessary loss of life in the future. Everything is being done in order that the tradition of the Lag B'Omer celebrations, and the year-round celebrations, can continue," he said,

The taskforce will investigate how the disaster unfolded and make evidentiary determinations on the following:

-The decision-making processes that authorized the event and the form it took

-The entirety of professional and legal questions regarding safety procedures at religious events and the public venues that host them, particularly events that involve mass participation.

-The tools at the disposal of government and other authorities to enable effective and sound usage of venues.

The commission’s work will be coordinated with the attorney general, given that parallel criminal investigations are ongoing within the Israeli Police Force.

The Finance Ministry will allocate NIS 6 million to the taskforce.