Border Police forces operating in Lod
Border Police forces operating in Lodצילום: משטרת ישראל

A man in his fifties has been shot and killed on Abba Silver street in the city of Lod, while he was sitting in a truck.

MDA personnel summoned to the scene were forced to determine his death due to gunshot wounds.

It appears that the background to the shooting is a revenge attack for another shooting that occurred in December, which was itself a revenge attack for a third shooting, that took place in Lod as part of a long-running dispute between several families.

In the incident in December, a young man in his twenties and another young man were shot at while they were driving on Highway 6 after they left Lod. They had been accompanied by a police vehicle for protection, but the shooting was not prevented nonetheless.

One of the two died of his wounds and the second was wounded.

Police in Lod have now opened a new investigation into the latest shooting attack and are collecting evidence at the scene.