Shaked Flash 90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked intends to reject every request for citizenship by a Palestinian Arab who married an Israeli Arab if the Family Reunification Law is not extended, Kan Bet reported Sunday morning.

In addition, Shaked plans to continue raising the law for Knesset approval, even if it is rejected at first.

In a report by Zeev Kam this morning, it was stated that Shaked is preparing for the possibility that the Prohibition of Family Reunification Law will fall in the Knesset this week, if the coalition fails to mobilize a majority to support the law. The minister plans to prevent the reunification of the families by giving a personal negative answer to each of the hundreds of applications submitted to her office each year.

Every year about a thousand applications for family reunification are submitted and the Interior intends to reject each of them individually and thereby prevent the family reunifications even without the law.

Shaked added in closed-door talks: "We will bring the law to the vote again and again, even if it falls for the first time, to embarrass the Likud and the opposition and show that they are responsible for repealing the law. We will bring it to a vote again and again if it falls in the Knesset this week.