Ayman Odeh
Ayman OdehYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Tel Aviv’s ‘Yellow Heart’ club lost the state volleyball championships last night to a team from Eilabun, an Arab school. What happened next caused immediate outrage.

“First of all, congradulations to the Eilabun team,” the Yellow Heart club said in a statement,” But second, there is something we must discuss. Before and after the game, one of the game organizers thought it appropriate to give Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh the stage, to allow him to shake hands with the players, and to give the winning team the championship trophy."

"We strongly oppose insulting a person because of his or her origin, and we believe that every person should be respected, just as we received with great honor and respect the Minister of Sports Raleb Majadele as a guest at the 2007 State Cup final. That said, we have no intention of normalizing a member of the Knesset who praises martyrs and violent activity against the State of Israel. It is not acceptable for an official event of an Israeli sports association supported by the state to host as a guest of honor a man who speaks highly of the intifadas and praises Nasrallah’s activities against the State of Israel. We support mutual respect, but condemn all who praise violence and martyrdom.”