boys attacked
boys attackedצילום: ליאור ברדוגו

Benny Itai, an eighth-grade student at Zivia High School in Lod, was on his way to a party at the municipal pool to mark the end of the school year today when he was nearly lynched by a group of Arab youths.

Near the entrance to the pool, around 2.30pm, Benny and two of his friends were violently attacked by a large group of over twenty youths aged 16-18, for no apparent reason.

For about ten minutes a violent and cruel attempted lynching took place, during which the youngsters absorbed stones, punches and kicks, curses, had the kippot snatched from their heads and their shirts torn. Who knows how things would have ended if one of the rabbis from the yeshiva had not come by and rescued them.

The boys tried to defend themselves, one of the boys suffered an injury to his eye, and the other two tried their best to protect him as well, as the violence escalated, and as more and more Arab teenagers joined the violent lynching against three younger Jewish students.