Jewish headstones cemetery
Jewish headstones cemetery iStock

On Friday, a Danish court sentenced Ragnar Spleth Loobrok of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) to one year unconditional imprisonment for vandalizing the Jewish cemetery in Aalborg, Denmark.

The vandalism took place on the night of April 3 near the end of Passover.

The vandals left several dolls covered in red paint resembling blood next to a wall that was covered in red paint. Red paint was also poured onto graves.

Anti-Semitic flyers were placed around the cemetery. The leaflets called Passover “another Jewish celebration of carnage.”

At the bottom of the flyer was a link to the website of Nordfront, a Danish “national socialist news site.” On the site, there was a link to join the NRM which bills itself as a “national socialist struggle organization.”

The day after the incident, NRM stated that it was responsible for the defacement, reported Danish site

On April 14, Loobrok was arrested and charged with vandalism related offences along with accomplices who have not been named.

In early June, he was indicted for “gross vandalism” and also for committing vandalism with a racist motive.

Prosecutors considered the act to be a hate crime but said it was also carried out for propaganda purposes.

After his arrest, police searched his home in Ars where they found propaganda material and clothing from NRM. They also discovered rifles and five matching magazines. An additional charge of violating gun laws was added to Loobrok’s indictment.

Loobrok pleaded not guilty. He stated that photos of the incident on his phone had been taken by a friend to whom he had leant his phone.

The photos were later posted on NRM’s website.

Loobrok testified that he had resigned in 2019 from NRM because of the group’s extreme anti-Semitic activities in Denmark. However, the court considered his testimony “unreliable and contrived.”

The jury unanimously found him guilty and sentenced him to two months in jail for vandalism.

With a previous sentence of 10 months in prison from an unrelated case, Loobrok was given a total sentence of 12 months in prison.

Redox reported that Loobrok had been convicted of firearms violations multiple times. He had previously served in the Life Guards and was a member of several sport shooting clubs. He had also been a member of the Home Guard, where one of his jobs was to guard the Danish-German border in 2016.