Prof. Nahcman Ash
Prof. Nahcman Ashצילום: דפנה גזית

Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Hezi Levi and Coronavirus Czar Prof. Nachman Ash held a press conference Wednesday evening in which they addressed the recent increase in coronavirus morbidity rates in Israel.

Prof. Levi said that "there are currently a total of 534 active patients in the State of Israel. We are seeing an upward trend. On June 8, we had an average of 14 verified people a day, and today we stand at 48. Among those over 16, there are 99 verified patients who were vaccinated and 39 unvaccinated patients. Among 12-15 year olds who have not been vaccinated, there are 115 patients."

He said, "We are familiar with the events in Binyamina and Modi'in - events that started from residents who returned from abroad and infected children. The disease has spread in schools and elsewhere."

Addressing the possibility of the reimposition of restrictions, he said: "We will not return to wearing masks in open spaces, but in enclosed spaces we have extended the order for wearing masks. Wearing masks in enclosed spaces will apply in all medical institutions when there is contact between therapists and patients and even in waiting areas."

Dr. Sharon Alroy Preis, head of Health Services in the Health Ministry, said: "It is important to know that even those who are vaccinated and recovering can become infected, so we ask for a test for those who come in contact with a verified patient - even if they are vaccinated and recovering. It is not required that they isolate, but we want to test them to see if they are infected. If we see for several days in a row that there are over 100 patients - we will return the obligation to wear masks in closed spaces, but not in open spaces at this time."

Coronavirus Czar Nachman Ash admitted; "At the moment it is impossible to say that we are in control of the outbreak."