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A UK politician has asked Health Secretary Matt Hancock to allow a two-year old Jewish girl who is critically ill and suffers from brain damage to be transferred to an Israeli hospital.

Conservative MP Christian Wakeford wrote to Hancock asking him to allow Alta Fixsler’s Orthodox family to transfer her to Jerusalem for treatment, rather than abide by a court ruling that would see her life support removed.

His request comes after Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and the Board of Deputies of British Jews called on Hancock to allow the girl’s family to take her to Israel.

“I would urge the Trust not to exercise (removing life sustaining ventilation) from Ms Fixsler,” Wakeford wrote in his letter, according to the Jewish Chronicle. “Rather, they should be supported in taking up and facilitating the parents’ offer to transfer her to an Israeli institution where her Israeli citizenship rights will be respected.”

He continued, “We understand the Israeli Minister for Health, Yuli Edelstein, has written to you urging for the transfer of the child to Israel and I urge you to grant his request.”

He concluded, “I would be grateful if you could urgently look into this matter and for a reply which I can forward to Ms Fixsler.”

In May, a high court barred Fixsler’s parents from taking her to a Jerusalem hospital for more treatment.

The court also ruled that life support treatment for the child can be stopped, despite her parents' wishes to keep her alive, reported the Daily Mail.

Alta Fixsler had a brain injury at birth, and is not able to breathe, eat or drink on her own.

In early June, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin appealed on the family’s behalf to Prince Charles to let them bring her to Israel.

FIxsler has been hooked up to life support her entire life.

Despite her parents' requests that she be kept alive, the British high court ruled in favor of the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which had petitioned for the right to end the child's life-support, arguing that she "no prospect (of) ever getting better.”

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