PM Bennett
PM BennettArutz Sheva

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Ben Gurion Airport Tuesday as Israel deals with the soread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

"The Delta strain, the Indian strain, is spreading rapidly around the world," Bennett said. "Its infection rate is much higher than we realized. It infects about 50% more than the original corona strain and we are seeing the beginning of its spread within Israel. We do not always know how to locate the source. It also infects people who have been vaccinated. You can get vaccinated and get infected."

"We have seen in other countries like the UK a significant increase in child hospitalizations," the prime minister continued. "So we made an initial decision to treat it as a new outbreak - and our goal is to interrupt it; take a bucket of water and pour it over the fire when it is still small."

"I ask those who do not have to go abroad - don't go abroad," Bennett said. "The contagion incident in Binyamina originated with a family who came from a vacation in Cyprus. If it is possible to give up the holiday - I recommend not booking."

"We officially call on all children and teens ages 12 and up to get vaccinated as soon as possible. There's a lot of Fake News. I'm vaccinating my kids." Bennett added that he "recommends wearing masks indoors again."