Funeral of Justice Tzvi Tal
Funeral of Justice Tzvi Tal Arutz Sheva

Former Supreme Court Justice Tzvi Tal, who passed away last night at the age of 94, was laid to rest at the Har Hamenuhot cemetery in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon.

Tal served as a justice in the Supreme Court from 1994 to 1997. Prior to that, he served as a judge of the Jerusalem District Court and as a lawyer. Tal was considered a different and unique voice in the Supreme Court landscape.

Tal was perhaps most widely known for heading the “Tal Commission” which drafted new legislation for the entrance of haredi youth into the army. The law the commission drew up became known as the Tal Law.

As a district court judge he was part of the panel of judges that convicted John Ivan Demjanjuk and sentenced him to death.

However, the Supreme Court later reversed the decision and acquitted Demjanjuk on the basis of doubt as to his identity as the Nazi war criminal "Ivan the Terrible."

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