Israel Dog Unit volunteer during search operations
Israel Dog Unit volunteer during search operations צילום: IDU public relations

A week has passed since the absence of Vladimir Magit of Kiryat Ata, age 78.

The IDF’s missing person unit, ‘Eitan’, has joined the already considerable efforts by the IDU and INP to find Magit, missing since 14.6.2021.

IDU canine teams have been working the case for over a week on end. The search covered large areas of harsh terrain and thick brush. The IDU deployed all of its best resources to tackle the task, including off-road vehicles, UAVs, a specially developed software platform for managing the incident and directing the search effort, and it’s eponymous highly trained working dogs. Other teams have been working in urban centers to interview witnesses and analyze footage from surveillance cameras in the hopes of unearthing a new lead.

Last night, INP commander Nir Yonah from the Zevulun precinct invited the general public to come and assist in a special day of searching for Magit. He remains missing and is presumed to be in mortal danger.

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