MK Yoav Kish (Likud) visited the Samarian town of Evyatar on Tuesday morning and declared that preventing the town from being destroyed will constitute a true test of right-wing leadership for Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, decried the situation in which instead of rewarding the town’s residents for establishing a hold on the Land, the government is seeking to uproot them and destroy the entire settlement. “It is only petty politics that is behind the wish to destroy Evyatar,” Dagan said.

In his words, he drew attention to the decision made by Evyatar’s families to establish it as a Zionist response to the heinous murder of Yehuda Guetta, who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting at the nearby Tapuah junction. “Here in Evyatar you can find some of the very best people in the country,” Dagan said, “and instead of the political establishment encouraging them and praising their Zionist activities, they have chosen to engage in selective enforcement and blatant discrimination, singling out Evyatar for destruction while illegal Arab construction flourishes and no one in the security establishment does a thing to prevent it.”

According to Dagan, both the right-wing and the left-wing parties should unite in support of the ethical statement made by Evyatar’s existence, and the town should receive official authorization and become the 34th recognized settlement in Samaria.

During the course of his visit, MK Kish told Dagan that the entire opposition stood behind his demand for regularization of the settlement, principally due to the fact that the government is planning to selectively enforce the law against a Jewish settlement and leave illegal Arab construction unmolested. He added that his call for action was directly mainly at the Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, as, “I have no expectations of [Defense Minister Benny] Gantz, or [Foreign Minister Yair] Lapid, who both want to destroy this town. The only person who is capable of preventing the destruction – which could take place in the coming days or weeks – is Bennett. This is his test,” Kish said, and then addressed Bennett directly:

“If you still have a drop of right-wing ideology left in you, if you remain attached even by the smallest thread to the Land of Israel, stop Gantz, stop Lapid,” he said, “because otherwise, these precious people who live here will pay the price, for no reason at all, and we in the opposition will fight you all the way. If you, Shaked and Bennett do not prevent the evacuation of Evyatar, then everything will become clear, all the masks will be off, and we will no longer have any expectations of you. This is your test, Naftali Bennett. You are now Prime Minister, and if you still have any right-wing ideology left in you, you will stop this crazy evacuation.”

Tzvi Elimelech Sharbaf, head of the Nahala movement, thanked the Samaria Regional Council and its head for standing behind the residents of Evyatar, and spoke of the Zionist history of the region, with new towns being established as a response to terrorist attacks – proof, he said, that the Jewish People are setting down stakes in the Land. He noted that Evyatar was first established in memory of Evyatar Borovsky and that the construction was renewed following the murder of Yehuda Guetta. His two friends who were injured in the same attack have yet to make a full recovery.