Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu Olivier Fitoussi/Flash 90

For the first time in 12 years, Benjamin Netanyahu has his own personal smartphone.

For many years, Netanyahu was probably the only person in Israel who did not own a cell phone, but Israel Hayom reporter Yehuda Shlezinger reported on Sunday that the former Prime Minister is currently boasting a new and personal smartphone. As expected, few people know Netanyahu's new number.

Even now, he continues to receive most of the calls he has made so far through his office phone. Netanyahu does not yet have WhatsApp, but he is expected to learn the additional functions on his device in the coming days.

Back in 2014, Netanyahu indirectly addressed the issue of owning a smartphone. He was preparing at the time for an interview on an American network and was heard saying to his people, before the recording began, "I do not understand the new world. Everyone is taking pictures. When do you have time to live your lives? Everyone is taking pictures of everyone. Just taking pictures, that's all they do. Take pictures, take pictures, take pictures. Don’t take pictures. Live your lives. I lived and did not take pictures. I am the only person who does not have all the electronic devices. I am a free person, and you are all slaves to your devices. You are all slaves."