EvyatarEvyatar council

Evyatar, a new city in Samaria that was supposed to be ordered evacuated by Prime Minister Netanyahu, was left standing, perhaps to throw the responsibility onto the incoming government.

Defense sources estimate that the evacuation would cost NIS 10 million. Bennett is expected to rule on the matter in the near future. The high price tag is due in part to the amount of construction already completed, including multiple permanent buildings and paving. Heavy machinery and significant manpower will be needed to reverse such a quantity of work.

Arutz Sheva has also learned that Defense Minister Gantz was furious with the community leaders of Evyatar who established the settlement without any permits of any kind. The community has rejected these accusations, saying that the town was built legally and that the government should act to legitimize it immediately.

The town was first established in April 2013 in memory of Eviatar Borovski, who was killed in a terrorist attack at the nearby Tapuach junction. About a month ago, construction was resumed in response to a shooting attack that took place at Tapuach junction, in which Yehuda Guetta was fatally injured. He later died of his wounds.