Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife ChavaCourtesy of the family

Havi Mark, the widow of the late Rabbi Michael Mark, who was murdered in a shooting attack on Route 60 about five years ago, is undergoing further surgery on Thursday morning as part of her extended rehabilitation since being critically injured in the murderous attack.

Her daughter, Orit Mark Ettinger, has asked the public to pray for her wellbeing. "My amazing mother began another operation under general anesthesia as part of the treatments and rehabilitation she has been undergoing since she was fatally injured in our attack 5 years ago," she wrote. "We welcome your prayers on behalf of Hava Rachel bat Ayelet Hashachar."

Rabbi Mark was murdered in July 2016 in a shooting attack on Mount Hebron, after terrorists opened fire as he traveled in a vehicle with his family on Route 60. His wife Hava was seriously injured, and two of their children were also injured.

Hava was released from the hospital after a long period. She lost one eye in the attack and is undergoing a very long rehabilitation process.

In March, the military court in Judea sentenced the terrorist Muhammad Al-Ameira, who murdered Rabbi Michael Mark, to two cumulative life sentences. Al-Ameira was also ordered to pay compensation amounting NIS 250,000.

Al-Ameira's accomplice in the attack, Muhammad Pekiya, was killed after IDF forces arrived at his home to arrest him and he barricaded himself at the scene and fired at them. Al-Meira himself was arrested several days later.