Pro-Palestinian protest (illustrative)
Pro-Palestinian protest (illustrative)Flash90

A UK Labour Party politician is the latest member of his party to spark outrage after he appeared at a pro-Palestinian rally where the crowd chanted anti-Semitic slogans and issued a battle cry for attacking Jews, reported the Jewish Chronicle.

Geraint Davies, the Swansea West MP, is under fire for making a speech at the rally where he said, “I stand in solidarity today” and “I’m here with you, I’m representing you.”

At the close of his speech, protestors in the crowd began to shout slogans, including “Free, free Palestine,” and then chanted “khybar ya yahud” as he stood by and watched.

The “khybar ya yahud” chant refers to a Muslim massacre of Jews that took place in 628 in Khaybar, an oasis in northwestern Arabia.

The Arabic chant, telling Jews to remember the incident and warning that Mohammed’s army is returning, is used as an Islamic battle cry for attacking Jews or Israelis.

In a Twitter response to video footage of the clip of his speech posted to social media, Davies defended his presence at the rally.

“I called in Swansea for an end to the killings of civilians in Palestine & Israel, peace & reconciliation, a two-state solution and adherence to international law. I therefore do not support any chanting in Arabic that followed that called for the opposite," he tweeted.

The explanation did not sit well with UK Jewish activists.

British investigative journalist David Collier, who specializes in writing about anti-Semitism, tweeted, "This (Labour) MP shared a platform with those chanting the Khaybar war chant about a massacre of Jews. Instead of 'sorry' he mumbles something. Except he EXPLICITLY said 'I am here with you.’ So are you with them Geraint or are you sorry?”