MK Mansour Abbas
MK Mansour Abbas דוברות הכנסת, נועם מוסקוביץ

United Arab List (Ra'am) chairman Mansour Abbas criticized the decision of Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev to allow the Jerusalem Flag March to take place today.

"The flag parade in Jerusalem today is an unbridled provocation, the essence of which is shouts of hatred and incitement to violence, and an attempt to set the area on fire for political purposes," Abbas claimed.

"The Minister of Public Security and the police should have abolished it. I call on all parties not to be dragged into escalation and to maintain maximum restraint," he added.

He said, "There is no doubt that the purpose of the march's initiators is to challenge the new government and exhaust it in a series of explosive events in the near future, and take us back to an unnecessary escalation that would endanger human lives as we have experienced in the past month."

"The United Arab List calls for political efforts to reach a political settlement between the two Israeli and Palestinian peoples ، that fulfill the vision we strive for: peace, mutual security, partnership and tolerance between the two peoples. This is the only vision that can end this bloody conflict," he said.