Opposition head Netanyahu
Opposition head Netanyahu Knesset Channel

Opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the 'right-wing bloc' Monday and announced that the bloc's mission would be to bring down the government which was inaugurated last night.

"We have a very strong opposition - 53 MKs, who are cohesive and strong to overthrow this dangerous left-wing government, this fraudulent government. It will fall quickly and I will tell you why: the only thing that connects them is hatred, exclusion and power. It is impossible to have such a government." Netanyahu began.

The former prime minister added, "There are so many contradictions and with such hatred it is impossible to hold a government together for long. Whoever passed six seats in a right-to-left act of fraud may be deceived and form a temporary government but no more than that. We will face them in strong and united opposition This is at the first opportunity. I say this from my personal experience. I led oppositions in 1995 and again in 2005. We worked hard, together, and in both cases we brought great victories. It will happen this time, only much faster."

"I am asking for discipline in the opposition," Netanyahu told the MKs. "They have room [to pass legislation], so I am asking for iron discipline in everything that involves being present and I intend to set a personal example. I also want cohesion, and cohesion is expressed in this meeting, in the meeting of the faction leaders that we have arranged for us to meet every week on Monday and from time to time during the week. We know and I feel at my fingertips where their weak points are. Some of you have already talked to me about it, it is possible to overthrow them and it is possible if we work together united in iron discipline."

"I have another request: if we work outwards, towards this goal, we will achieve it. If we clash inside - we will not achieve it. Therefore I ask that we shoot from the APC and we have options to do so. If we concentrate all our effort we will bring it down. We have them and we have a good reason to overthrow them because this is in the best interests of the state," Netanyahu said.

"This government is a government of fraud, a government of contradictions and illegitimate mixtures, capable of doing nothing for our security, for a healthy economy. We will set rules among ourselves and we will abide by them that will obligate us all and we will go this way - and save the State of Israel and the people of Israel, G-d willing. Thank you very much," Netanyahu concluded.