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Israel is among the top countries for medicine in the Western world. Along with government health insurance plans for citizens, it has a prosperous private medical industry. Advanced medicine, quality equipment, and top medical facilities make Israel a frequent destination for medical tourism. It is a top choice for patients seeking treatment for a wide range of health needs.

Private Medical Services in Israel

Medical tourism entails both major and minor treatments. People from across the globe visit Israel for transplants, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, laser surgery, dental treatment, and fertility treatment.

Israeli doctors and hospitals provide reliable diagnoses and medical opinions. Patients seek consultations from leading doctors in genetics, prenatal and postpartum care, gynecology, and treatments for the elderly. This advice comes from experts in those fields. It’s not by chance that these patients are coming to Israel.

The Benefits of Medical Tourism in Israel

Every year, more than 30,000 people come to Israel for medical treatment and consultation on medical issues. The reasons for this lie in the benefits that Israel offers to tourists:

Over 30,000 people visit Israel for medical treatment and consultations each year. Many benefits draw these medical tourists to Israel:

  • Quality of medical facilities and services - An International Healthcare Research (IHR) study ranked Israel as third in the quality of medical facilities and services for tourists globally.

  • Expert medicine in Israel - Medical tourists in Israel receive services from top experts in their fields. Israeli treatment is among the best in the world, and tourists have access to these experts.

  • Thorough treatment plans - Tourists receive comprehensive medical care that includes developing a treatment plan. This ensures that patients have access to the right doctors, testing, and treatments.

  • Treatment available in numerous languages - Service is provided in the medical tourist’s preferred language. Medical staff will provide care in English, with trained medical translators available for other languages.

  • Comprehensive medical information - Every step of the way, visitors receive the information they need in their own language. This allows for a seamless transition between treatment in Israel and the care in the patient’s own country.

The Top Hospitals for Private Medical Services in Israel

Israeli medical services are available at both public hospitals and private centers. Both employ leading doctors. Differences can include public visibility and their location. Here are some of the top providers of medical tourism services.

Rambam Hospital

Cutting-edge technology lets Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, provide advanced medical procedures. The top doctors in Israel provide diagnosis, treatment, planning, and consultations there. Comprehensive support staff provides everything patients need, including translation and assistance obtaining accommodations, transportation, and travel visas.

Sheba Hospital

Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital provides top-level medical care with a personal touch. The patients there have access to advanced facilities, outstanding doctors, and the benefits of the research done there.

This hospital has innovative treatments along with expert consultations and surgeries. The Medical Tourism Department ensures that every patient has access to imaging, laboratory services, surgeries, and rehabilitation planning. Specializing in emergency care, the center provides treatment in multiple languages with additional translators available.

Hadassah Medical Centre

Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem continually demonstrates the highest level of medical service. The center is committed to providing total care for patients from arrival to discharge. This center has operated for over 100 years and conducts innovative medical research.

Care at Hadassah Medical Center is tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Administrative processes are simplified for patients, letting them focus on their treatment. A staff member speaking their language accompanies the patient throughout their time there.


With a network of advanced private medical centers, Assuta’s facilities employ cutting-edge medical equipment. There, tourists have access to the best doctors, facilities, consulting, and treatment available. Assuta Centers treat their many medical tourist patients with professionalism and an atmosphere of personal care.

Herzliya Medical Center

Herzliya Medical Center has a department just for medical tourism. Here, patients can access innovative facilities, unique treatment methods, and expert doctors. Medical procedures there have outstanding success, with specializations in vitro fertilization (IVF), bone marrow transplants, and rehabilitation.

The medical staff provides service primarily in English, along with Russian and translation services for other languages. A designated professional accompanies each patient throughout their entire treatment.