Mansour Abbas
Mansour AbbasAvshalom Sassoni/Flash 90

MK Dr. Mansour Abbas, head of the Ra'am party, on Sunday stressed the centrality of his party within the coalition of the Bennett-Lapid government.

In an interview with the website and the Hala TV channel, Abbas said that "MK Saeed Alkharumi was absent from the vote on the approval of the government in coordination with us", stressing that the party is united under his leadership.

He added that in the first meeting with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that will take place this week, he intends to raise the issue of home demolitions in the Negev in order to change the policy from demolition to planning and construction.

Abbas added, "This government was established based on our will, and we will influence it at every moment. Today we have proven that the Arab community is a strong player in the political arena in Israel."

He clarified, "This government is dependent on us and on our decision, and if there is a decision that contradicts our national principles and our religion we will not be there."

Asked if he intended to overthrow the government, Abbas said, "We will act responsibly and not childishly."