Hundreds of leftists on Sunday evening gathered at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and celebrated the end of Benjamin Netanyahu's term and the beginning of Naftali Bennett's term as Prime Minister of Israel.

Singer and left-wing activist Achinoam Nini sang on stage, "We got rid of Haman ... democracy."

The Crime Minister movement stated, "The State of Israel tonight defeated Netanyahu's failed and corrupt government. We welcome the unity government that reflects the will of the majority, a product of the most stubborn and determined protest that the state has known. A protest that overthrew the government and drove the historical change."

"This is the time for a million Israelis who took part in it to celebrate the beginning of a new era. An era of unity among the people. Of a government that will work for us citizens, mend the rifts and put an end to the incitement and the divide and conquer approach of the Netanyahu era," the left-wing movement said.

Social activist and journalist Orly Barlev told Arutz Sheva that the Balfour protest was successful. "A unity government of the right, center-left and Arabs is the new era we must step into in order to heal ourselves."