Flag Dance in Jerusalem
Flag Dance in Jerusalem Yitzhak Kalman

The Jerusalem Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), headed by Mahmoud Abbas, is warning of a new "explosion" in the city of Jerusalem, which could extend to all "occupied" Palestinian territories if approval is given for the flag parade in the Old City.

In a statement, the PLO's Jerusalem Department noted that the "occupation authorities" have not learned from the political changes in the regional and international arena and are pursuing an extreme policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.

The statement also claimed that Israel is unwilling to reach peace due to its opposition to the implementation of the decisions of international institutions that affirm the right of the Palestinians to establish an independent state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

The statement called on the international community and the US administration to provide international protection to the Palestinian people and to protect Jerusalem from "Israeli occupation" plans aimed at "Judaizing" the city.