The flag parade
The flag parade Yoni Kempinski

The organizers of the "flag parade" have reached an agreement with Israel Police on how the parade will be held next week.

The parade, scheduled for Tuesday, was announced canceled on Thursday due to disagreements regarding its route, which the organizers said defeated the purpose of the parade and encouraged the division of Jerusalem.

The parade, traditionally a Jerusalem Day event, celebrates the reunification of the city following the Six Day War. It was scheduled to be held last month, but was delayed following Hamas' threats and Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Under the new plan, the parade will start at Hanevi'im Street, from which marchers will turn onto Sultan Suleiman Street, until it reaches Damascus Gate. At the Gate, the marchers will dance with Israeli flags, and from there they will continue towards Tzahal Square via Jaffa Gate, and march towards the Western Wall.

For security reasons and to avoid overcrowding, some of the marchers will walk through the Muslim Quarter, while others walk through the Jewish Quarter.

"We thank Israel Police, the Police Commander, and the Jerusalem District Commander for their cooperation, and we are happy that Israeli flags will be waved with national pride through all areas of the Old City's streets," the organizers said.

"We call on all Israeli citizens to join us with Israeli flags this coming Tuesday, to wave the banner of the nation of Israel's courage, and to dance for Jerusalem's joy."