Oren Hazan
Oren HazanYoni Kempinski

Former Likud MK Oren Hazan on Thursday evening attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and accused him of toppling the right-wing government.

"What is happening here today is a direct message to Netanyahu. You messed up. You took a movement with 30 seats, you threw it out of power, used it as your own and forgot that the Likud is a family," Hazan said at MK Nir Barkat's conference at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center.

"Today I remember the foundations of the Likud," he added. "A party that is a home, that is a supportive community and a partner. There is no single ruler, there is a group. Netanyahu, wake up, because at this rate you will be outside the group."

Thousands of Likud activists attended Thursday’s conference, as well as MKs Miki Zohar, Avi Dichter, Haim Katz, Gadi Yevarkan, Keren Barak, Kathrin Sheetrit, Shlomo Karhi, Etty Atia and Fateen Mulla.

Zohar told Arutz Sheva that he came to the conference after "Barkat assured me that it was not a conference against Netanyahu but for the Likud."