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A resolution to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement by the University of California San Diego’s graduate student association failed a June 7 vote, reported the Jewish Journal.

The resolution called for the university’s Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) to cancel their partnership with the University of Haifa, including a project examining “how humans have adapted to climate and environmental change over the past 11,000 years,” stated StandWithUs.

According to StandWithUs, the “destructive and one-sided resolution” contained “numerous examples of misleading and hateful rhetoric, contradicting a previous GPSA resolution ‘Acknowledging, Defining, and Condemning Anti-Semitism.’”

“We are so proud of the Jewish and Israeli students who spoke out against this malicious resolution and succeeded. Because of their efforts, the GPSA chose cooperation, dialogue, and academic freedom over harmful and discriminatory boycotts,” said Rena Nasar First, StandWithUs executive director of campus affairs.

Jack Salttzberg, president of The Israel Group, told the Journal that he was not so optimistic.

“The BDS resolution did not fail. The students were only targeting Israel for human rights violations. Therefore, BDS spent months poisoning students against Israel while the pro-Israel community reacted, as always. Now BDS will submit another resolution with another opportunity to influence more students negatively about Israel.”