Falafel in a pita
Falafel in a pita ISTOCK

Fast food giant McDonald’s is bringing back some of its Middle Eastern-themed cuisine at its Israeli branches, but this time with a slightly more authentic take.

McDonald’s announced Thursday that starting on July 7th, its Israeli locations will be once again offering the McFalafel and McKebab.

The company first introduced the McFalafel in Israel 2011, after having been served for years at its Egyptian locations, but quickly dropped the item after it failed to catch on.

The McKebab and McShwarama were also introduced before being quickly scrapped.

But while the first attempts at Middle Eastern cuisine were served in either tortillas or lafa bread, McDonald’s will now be offering the McFalafel and McKebab in mini pitas.

The company also says it has revamped the recipe, hoping to create a more authentic taste.

Along with the rebooted McFalafel and McKebab, McDonald’s also announced that its Israeli branches will be operating a pilot program allowing customers to order online and have their meals delivered to their vehicle.

The fast food chain has 210 locations across Israel, and has operated in the Jewish state since 1993. The first kosher McDonald’s opened in the Jerusalem suburb of Mevaseret Tzion in 1995.