Yehuda Guetta
Yehuda Guettapicture used with permission of family

An indictment was filed Thursday against Montasser Shalabi, the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack in which Yehuda Guetta was murdered last month.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu legal organization, which assists victims of terrorism and their families, said in response: "Today the trial of the disgusting terrorist officially begins in the IDF court. It is time to do justice and sentence the terrorist to death. This demand is also only a small part needed to fight those terrorists who sanctify death."

According to Bleicher, "At the same time as the terrorist's trial, all the aides and those who gave him shelter should be sentenced to heavy sentences in order to dry up the egg of terrorism, and the basket of deterrent measures against the terrorist's home and family must be increased. The time has come for every terrorist who harms us to know that he is wreaking havoc on himself and his family."

In early May, a terrorist carried out a shooting attack at Tapuach Junction, in which three young students from the Itamar Yeshiva were wounded. A car stopped near the intersection, and the terrorist fired at the youths from the window and fled. Yehuda Guetta was seriously injured, Banya Peretz was moderately injured and Amichai Hala was slightly injured. Yehuda died of his wounds three days later,