attempted lynching (archive)
attempted lynching (archive)Nasser Ishtayeh, Flash 90

The Shin Bet and Israel police in joint operation arrested three Israeli Arabs for committing a shooting attack and two Israeli Arabs for an attempted lynching.

The three, who were identified as Kamil Zeitawi, Ron Jabarin, and Mahmoud Kablan, are Israeli citizens living in Zelfa in Ma'ale Iron, were arrested on suspicion of carrying out a shooting attack from a passing vehicle at an Israeli citizen at the entrance to the village of Zelfa last month. The civilian managed to escape and was not injured.

The investigation revealed that the three planned and carried out the shooting attack while traveling in a vehicle without a license plate and also took part in other violent riots in several hotspots.

An indictment was filed against the three in the Haifa District Court today. In addition, as part of the indictment, a request was submitted for the forfeiture of the vehicle in which the shooting attack was carried out.

At the same time, in a joint operation by the Shin Bet and the police, two civilians suspected of carrying out a nationalist lynching in Kafr Qara, Bashir Abu Rashad, 21, and Muhammad Hamarsha, 31, both Israeli citizens, have been arrested in recent weeks.

The two were arrested as suspects in the violent incidents on a nationalist background in Kafr Qara. Their investigation revealed that they were involved in mass riots as part of a large number of large-scale terrorist incidents across the country in May, including stone-throwing at security forces, vandalizing public property, burning tires and firing fireworks.

The investigation also accumulated a great deal of information linking Hamarsha to an incident in which a Jewish citizen was attacked during particularly violent riots in Kafr Qara near Road 65, while driving his vehicle. As a result of the serious assault, the victim suffered injuries and a great deal of damage was done to his vehicle.

Photographic evidence showed Abu Rashad's involvement in a very serious attempted lynching of a Jewish family who accidentally stumbled upon Kfar Qara during which the family car was hit by a barrage of stones and an attempt was made to open the vehicle doors and injure its occupants.