A group representing the Jewish community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn doubled down on their endorsement of New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams after a video clip circulated attempting to convince them to throw their support elsewhere.

In a statement United Crown Heights responded to the 14-second video clip which went viral. The video included a short snippet where Adams appeared to say he would be similar to former New York City Mayor David Dinkins. Dinkins had a troubled relationship with the Jewish community.

“We as a group did not want to respond to (the video), since this was a move to sow discord between members of the Crown Heights Jewish community,” the group stated.

They went on to address the reasons why they chose to endorse Adams as their choice for mayor.

They noted that Adams has represented the community for the last 15 years. He is also a former police officer who has been clear that he will be tough on crime.

“He was our state senator, and then our borough president. As state senator Eric was constantly engaged and had an ongoing dialogue and communication with members of the community,” they said.

They continued, “We need to look beyond the cropped 14-second clip and see the full interview which is below. Eric was referring to a specific model that former Mayor Dinkins developed. A tactic that his predecessors Giuliani and Bloomberg both continued. He wasn’t referring to Dinkins’s incompetence or weak policies.”

They added that their endorsement of Adams is the first time in years that all the different leaders and groups in the community are united behind a candidate.

“In closing, this is the first time in years that all of the community Askonim and leaders are united as a group to endorse one set of candidates,” they said. “People from around the city will be looking to see what Crown Heights does in this election. So, let’s unite for ourselves, our community, our yeshivas, and most importantly our children who are our future.”