Flag March
Flag March Arutz Sheva

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz have reached a compromise on the Jerusalem Flag March, which has been cancelled twice in the last two months.

Under the agreement, the march will be rescheduled for next Tuesday, June 15, in an outline to be agreed between the police and the organizers of the march.

.The Prime Minister's Office stated that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw the importance of reaching a broad agreement on the march and therefore took a break at the cabinet meeting and turned to Defense Minister Benny Gantz to reach an agreement. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense brought to the Cabinet for approval the following decision approved by the Cabinet:"

The Flag March takes place every year on Jerusalem Day. This year, Jerusalem Day took place on May 10. The march was cancelled at the last minute after the Hamas terrorist organization issued an ultimatum. Hamas carried out its threat, firing seven rockets at Jerusalem and setting off an 11-day war with Israel.

The march was rescheduled for yesterday, June 7, but was again cancelled at the last minute after the police ordered the route to be changed. During Monday morning’s meeting between police officials and event organizers, the police department refused to back any compromise arrangement, even one which limited the event to western Jerusalem.