Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah spoke tonight (Tuesday) for the first time from his hiding place, and responded to rumors of a significant deterioration in his health which emerged following a speech in which he appeared ill and coughed frequently.

"They said I was dead, they were looking for a replacement - I thank everyone who cared for me and still hope we pray together in Jerusalem," the terrorist leader said.

"I thank all the people who cared for me, who sent me honey and distributed bread. Some people said I was dead and went into a coma. They have already started looking for a replacement for me. I am proud of your love for me, thank you and reassure you. Life is in Allah's hands. I am with you and we will continue together until we pray together in Jerusalem.

"Our enemy is stupid and in a bad political situation. Netanyahu is like Trump. He is a defeated man who will do anything to get out of the crisis in which he finds himself," Nasrallah said.

Israeli intelligence believed Nasrallah was suffering from the coronavirus after he released a video last month in which he had difficulty speaking while attempting to issue a warning to the Jewish State.