MKs from the Joint Arab List
MKs from the Joint Arab ListHezki Baruch

The Arab Movement for Renewal (Ta'al), a faction of the Joint Arab List, may vote in favor of the unity government - and if it does, the Joint Arab List will break apart, Israel Hayom reported.

The Joint Arab List is comprised of three parties: Ta'al, Hadash, and Balad.

A senior Joint Arab List official told Israel Hayom earlier this week that if Ta'al does not vote against the incoming government's formation, "it will be the sign that announces the dissolution of the Joint List."

Ta'al has not yet declared whether it will support the government, oppose it, or abstain from voting; the party's two other factions have declared they will vote against the new coalition.

Another Joint Arab List source confirmed the statements, telling Israel Hayom that [MK Ahmed] Tibi was the one who would say, time after time, the Arab parties must take a central part and influence the political field, and at the end of the day the ones doing that are the Islamic Movement, headed by [United Arab List MK] Mansour Abbas."

He added that if the Ta'al representatives support the new government, "it will only speed up the process of breaking the Joint List apart and remaking it" into something which will be "more pragmatic and work to influence from within the government and not from the opposition."

"Ra'am's process (United Arab List) is no less of an earthquake in Arab society's political system," the source said.