Waleed Taha
Waleed TahaArutz Sheva

MK Waleed Taha number three on the United Arab List (Ra'am) participated last month in a protest demanding the release of those who were arrested for violent riots.

Under the new coalition agreements, Taha will be part of the Israeli government, in which he is expected to play an influential role.

Journalist Assaf Gibor translated into Hebrew the short speech Taha gave during the protest.

At the protest, Taha, speaking in Arabic, said: "I want to support our students - those who study in the Be'er Sheva university and in all the universities in the country, on their honorable stance with regards to issues pertaining to their nation, against the aggression and enmity towards the Gaza Strip and the Al Aqsa Mosque, and against the actions which are intended to make Al Aqsa Mosque impure, and the harm to the worshipers."

Taha also praised those who stand "against the expulsion of our people from Sheikh Jarrah. We march with appreciation and respect for a generation of whom we are proud... In every place, we will raise the voice of justice against the occupation and against the contamination of our blessed Al Aqsa Mosque, and against the expulsion of our brothers from Sheikh Jarrah, and against the administrative detentions, such as what they did to Sheikh Kamal al-Khatib (the deputy leader of the Southern Islamist Movement)."

"They will not intimidate us, they will not intimidate our sons and our daughters and our students. Gone are the days in which these methods intimidated us."