Baby rhino
Baby rhinoiStock

A baby rhinoceros was born Sunday at the Ramat Gan Safari in central Israel.

The male baby, who has yet to be named by hospital officials, was born Sunday to the eleven-year-old rhino ‘Rihanna’. The new baby is Rihanna’s third offspring.

Reuters reported that the calf is a square lipped or southern white rhinoceros, the most common type of rhino.

Rihanna and her new baby will remain in a special maternity area for the next few weeks, safari officials say, until the calf is ready to enter the African Savanna section of the safari.

Rihanna arrived at the safari in December 2012 from South Africa.

In 2015, she was one of three rhinos who escaped from the safari and were found wandering in a Ramat Gan parking lot near the safari campus.